Welcome on my blog, where people are awesome and a piece of cake is the source of happiness.

If you are here, you accept everyone just the way they are. Respect people who dress, think or write differently, because that is why I started my blog and that is why I carefully choose who will be in my next post or what I’ll share in my next post.

I respect you and your opinion, so please feel free to share it. Commenting is free for anyone, but I’d like to know who you are. Talking to “anonymous” commenters is like talking to no one… You are not a no one, are you? 🙂

A few things you should know, before you get lost on the blog:

  • ⁃I take the photos of everything myself with my Canon camera.
  • ⁃When you see a blogpost with me in it, check the bottom of the page where the talented human who took the photos is featured.
  • ⁃I have no idea about make up, so I ask people who are not always professionals, but have a knowledge and an opinion and they don’t mind telling and teaching me. Bless them! These posts are all under “Portrait”!
  • ⁃I read. A lot, so if I write a post on fashion related things, I include which book, magazine, website I used as my source.
  • ⁃I have book reviews and I have an opinion on fashion, but if I don’t like something, it does not mean it’s bad! It’s just not my style, but maybe you’ll love it! Give it a try 🙂
  • ⁃I have an opinion on lifestyle and things like that, however in my brain I live in a Fairy Tale. I should be more realistic sometimes and stop imagining things, so be prepared that sometimes you’ll read things that seem impossible. But it’s possible. Think differently /Steve Jobs/

Enjoy ❤️

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